Our Investment Objective is to “Exceed agreed benchmarked returns over a rolling three year period using a Balanced Methodology. We believe that a suitable weighting should be assigned to each asset class represented in a fund, dictated by the nature of the investor’s liabilities, which combine to produce a diversified portfolio. Upon taking on a new client, we meet with the trustees and agree strategy and core buying lists around which we build a portfolio. We utilise a focused portfolio methodology and our equity portfolios are relatively low risk and are approved by Trustees in terms of our Strategic Plan.

We use various tools to select our investments and these are crosschecked firstly against fundamental and technical indicators and secondly against our own business knowledge of the Zimbabwean companies and the economy. Full use is made of internet capabilities and we continually keep abreast of international investment trends through regular training and our association with international investment houses. Derivative instruments, such as futures and options, will not be included in the portfolio unless specifically agreed to. Our unique mix of skills ensures a well-rounded view when it comes to analysing investment opportunities and we have the luxury of the most comprehensive financial and economic database in Zimbabwe to support this important process.




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