S.B. Naik

S.B. Naik

Capacity: Chairperson

Year Appointed to the Board:



N. Nyemudzo

N. Nyemudzo
Bachelor of Accountancy – University of Zimbabwe
Postgraduate diploma in Applied Accountancy - University of Zimbabwe
Chartered Accountant (Zimbabwe)
Masters of Commerce Strategic Management and Corporate Governance – Midlands State University

Capacity: Group Chief Executive Officer

Year Appointed to the Board: 2012

Expertise and Experience:Never is a Chartered Accountant with over 13years’ experience in the financial services sector. He holds a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Accountancy from the University of Zimbabwe. He also holds a Master of Commerce in Strategic Management and Corporate Governance from Midlands State University. He commenced his career with BDO Zimbabwe where he trained for his articles and has held senior management roles from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, First Banking Corporation and the People’s Own Savings Bank.


C. Chimutsa

C. Chimutsa
B.Acc. (Hons) University of Zimbabwe
Chartered Accountant (Zimbabwe) (CA (Z))

Capacity: Group Chief Finance officer

Year Appointed to the Board: 2009

Expertise and Experience:Colin was appointed as Executive Director, Mortgage Finance in January 2009. He had a career at ZB Building Society spanning 10 years, where he held the position of Managing Director. Prior to that role Colin was Finance Director of United Bottlers. Colin has an extensive background and experience in Finance.


Mr. Jack Francis Smith – MANAGING DIRECTOR
B.Compt (Hon) UNISA, Chartered Accountant (Z)
Jack began his career with Ernst and Young (Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe) where he spent seven years. He rose through the ranks to the position of Audit Manager before leaving to enter the financial sector. Jack was employed as finance manager for Interfin Asset Management, which later became Datvest Asset Management and was appointed to the board of directors of Datvest in January 2006. During this period Datvest became a subsidiary of the CBZ Holdings group. As finance director Jack was responsible for the company’s back office operations, financial management of the company’s proprietary assets, the Information Technology Department and the company’s human resources functions. Jack was promoted to his current position of Managing director in June 2010.

BSc Hons in Statistics (UZ)
Tendai has fourteen years experience in the Investment Services sector of which most was spent in an Investment Banking environment. Tendai spent seven years at BancABC were he started his career as an investment analyst and was promoted to Portfolio Manager in charge of unit trusts, private clients and pension funds. He then joined the Datvest Asset Management team in 2007 as the Pensions executive and was later promoted to his current position of Chief Investment Officer/Investment Director. Tendai has a BSc Hon. Statistics (UZ) and is currently studying for the level II CFA Institute exams and an MBA in Finance with Edinburgh.




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