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We look to create a balanced portfolio with exposure to stocks with strong balance sheets, good cash flows and solid long term business models as well as a targeted exposure in growth stocks with short to medium term prospects. We go further to tailor make the portfolio according to your risk/return profile and liquidity requirements.
As Datvest we have over the years achieved commendable performance on our stock market portfolios and we strive to do the same for you. Investors should note, that past performance is not a guide to future returns and the value of investment can fall as well as rise. We cannot guarantee any specific return from stock market investments and we encourage you to have a long term investment horizon.
These are investments which earn a specified return over a specified period, usually in the form of an interest rate. The returns are always positive and never below the invested capital.
A unit trust pools funds on behalf of a large number of investors, with each investor having a certain number of units in the total fund representing their proportional investment. Investors then share in the fund's returns.
With our Unit Trust Products one can invest from as low as $10.00. Funds are pooled from various investors and invested in different financial instruments such as equities/shares through CBZDSE or CBZDGE and fixed income/money market through the CBZHIF. Each Fund is tailored to take into consideration the risk/return profile and investment objectives.
  • Investments start from as low as $10.00.
  • Unit trusts are flexible when buying or selling.
  • They are also easier to buy and sell compared to quoted shares.
The documents will enable us to identify you as our customer and we will only use the documents for the all communication. This will protect your investments as well as aid our Regulator in the battle against money laundering activities in our country. None compliance attracts penalties.

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