These are a selection of listed securities all combined to make a single investment.

What is a Datvest Portfolio?

A Datvest portfolio is an expertly selected combination of choice, blue chip entities with bright future earnings and growth prospects strategically mixed to yield optimal returns.

How does Datvest do this?

Datvest has a dedicated team of highly skilled fund managers, researchers and traders who have an intimate knowledge of the market and are constantly scouting for market opportunities.

What can I expect to get out of it?

Our goal is to exceed agreed benchmarks over a rolling 3 year period whilst operating within the clients risk tolerance levels. The first quarter of 2011 the industrial index went up 6.20%

  • Datvest charges 2% p.a. on the value of the portfolio deducted monthly.
  • The minimum investment is $5000.00

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