Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of Datvest Asset Management – not only do we strive to offer assistance to those in need, but we also endeavour to support our staff members by sending them on diverse courses in order to keep them motivated and informed.

Through the Rotary network Datvest has been able to sponsor a variety of youth and orphanage projects varying from donating desks, chairs, foodstuffs, etc. Datvest under the CBZ umbrella also handed out a donation to assist the maternity wing of Guvamombe Clinic. The funds were used to acquire much needed delivery beds, bedding as well as some furniture for the administration personel at the clinic. The aim was to make the lives of the mothers delivering there a little more comfortable Donations of surplus furniture and appliances were made to Chinyaradzo Children’s Home and Dorothy Duncan Centre for the Blind and Aged.

In October 2011, Datvest which is a great supporter of Rotary was awarded a family and community services award by Rotary International. We also participate in the various fund raising golf tournaments and charity events that are held throughout the year.

We also use these occasions as forums for the public to interact with the CBZ brand, thus gaining insight into our identity as a company, and what we represent. Our dedication to being a responsible and good corporate citizen goes beyond merely providing assistance.

Rather, we strive for greatness, to raise our flag high and develop the vast potential that is proudly Zimbabwean.




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